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Todd Huckabee Rods

By September 14, 2015September 29th, 2017No Comments

Todd Huckabee is a name every crappie fisherman knows throughout the country. He is one of the most popular from his published works to videos that not only show his vertical jig fishing skills, but teaches beginners that aspire to be as good as he his. Todd operates a professional guide service primarily on Lake Eufaula and Fort Gibson in Oklahoma.

Todd enjoys teaching jig fishing almost as much as he enjoys catching fish himself. His signature series rods enables seasoned crappie fishermen and beginners alike the chance to catch the fish of their life and to Feel the Thump like never before.

We took his enthusiasm for crappie fishing and designed a website that reflects his passion for the sport. Through Webaholics Web Design, Web Development, and Marketing, his sales have increased dramatically with more and more sales and users everyday. Here’s what the owner and CEO of Power Crappie LLC has to say:

“No telling how much business I’d lost before turning my website over to Webaholics.  Since they started my online sales have increased many time over.  Plus, many clients have commented how easy it is to explore my site and how clean the layout is.  I’d recommend Webaholics to anyone wanting to have a successful online business.”

-Ken Roberson
Power Crappie LLC

Todd Huckabee Rods

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