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Online Marketing Careers

Webaholics is looking for an Online Marketer to join our team.

Job Title: Online Marketing Specialist

Availability: Part/Full Time

Pay: Hourly/Performance Based

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The Webaholics Team is looking for an Online Marketing Specialist who knows everything about the world of digital media marketing. If you have ambition, self-motivation, and passion for design and brand promotion, we’ll welcome you with open arms.

As an Online Marketing Specialist, you’ll be primarily responsible for creating new custom websites and online marketing strategies. Our goal is to create a custom fit solution for each client with our proven online marketing methods while using exceptionally collaborative cloud-based tools and content management systems. Scheduling, planning, and constant communication is our key to success.

Webaholics is a top web design and online marketing agency in Salt Lake City. We are a young and fast-paced company that thrives on our client’s success to drive our brand to the top of the industry while creating a very unique and profitable online marketing service.


  • No less than 1 year experience in SEO/Online Marketing
  • College degree preferred
  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills are a MUST!
  • Knowledge and understanding of CSS/HTML proper coding techniques
  • Experience with WordPress
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Adwords, and any other industry tools
  • Capable of multitasking between several accounts, brands, and products
  • Able to manage own projects while gathering input from team members.
  • Experienced with Google Apps and Trello.


  • Develop web-based applications that rely on the KISS method to achieve scalability, speed, and functionality.
  • Interact with the Webaholics team and our clients in Weekly and Monthly meetings to provide progress reports and gain insights on future projects.
  • Stay up to date with current industry standards and new trends as they emerge. Provide best in class customer service.


  • Flexible Hours
  • Travel and Work
  • Work from Home
  • Great Team
  • Potential of Growth
  • Ideas are Welcome
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