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Service Business Success Story: How Webaholics Transformed Marshall Home’s Lead Generation in Salt Lake City

By September 18, 2023September 19th, 2023No Comments

In the world of service businesses, success stories often revolve around one crucial aspect – lead generation. Generating high-quality leads is the lifeline of any service-based company, and Marshall Homes, a home improvement company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, was no exception. Facing the challenge of improving their lead generation, they turned to Webaholics, a digital marketing and web design agency.

This blog post delves into the remarkable journey of Marshall Homes’ lead generation success story, highlighting the pivotal role of PPC and SEO strategies, location targeting, and Webaholics’ transformative web design.

Chapter 1: The Challenge – Lead Generation

Marshall Homes, like many service businesses, understood the significance of a robust online presence and effective lead-generation strategies. They had a range of services to offer, but they needed a way to stand out in the competitive Salt Lake City market.

Chapter 2: Taking the Reins – PPC and SEO Success

Webaholics stepped in with a two-pronged approach: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

PPC Success Stories:

Webaholics meticulously crafted PPC campaigns for Marshall Homes, focusing on relevant keywords, compelling ad copy, and specific location targeting within Salt Lake City. By tailoring the PPC strategy to their highest-performing services, they ensured that every click counted. The results were impressive – increased click-through rates, lower cost-per-click, and most importantly, a surge in high-quality leads.

SEO Success Stories:

Simultaneously, Webaholics revamped Marshall Homes’ online presence with an SEO overhaul. By optimizing their website for search engines and local search intent, they achieved higher rankings in local search results. This brought in organic traffic from Salt Lake City residents actively seeking home improvement services.

Chapter 3: Location Targeting – The Local Advantage

One of the secrets to Marshall Home’s lead generation success was the precise location targeting. By focusing on specific neighborhoods and communities within Salt Lake City, they were able to reach potential customers where it mattered most. This hyper-local approach not only boosted visibility but also established Marshall Home as a trusted, local service provider.

Chapter 4: The Winning Services – Conversion Rates and ROI

Not all services are created equal when it comes to lead generation. Webaholics identified Marshall Homes’ highest-performing services with the best conversion rates and ROI. By emphasizing these services in their PPC and SEO efforts, they maximized the impact of their marketing budget. This strategy not only increased leads but also ensured that those leads were more likely to convert into paying customers.

Chapter 5: Webaholics’ Transformative Web Design

A critical component of this success story was Webaholics’ web design expertise. They transformed Marshall Homes’ website into a user-friendly, conversion-focused platform. A well-structured site with clear calls to action, compelling visuals, and informative content ensured that visitors not only stayed longer but were more likely to fill out contact forms or make inquiries.

Chapter 6: Rapid Results – Lead Generation Success Stories

The transformation was swift. Within a relatively short span, Marshall Homes experienced a substantial increase in lead generation. Webaholics integrated approach to PPC, SEO, location targeting, and web design proved to be a winning combination. The results spoke for themselves – a surge in leads, higher conversion rates, and an impressive return on investment.


Marshall Homes’ lead generation success story serves as a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing and web design. By partnering with Webaholics and focusing on specific location targeting, their highest-performing services, and a user-friendly website, they achieved remarkable results. This case study showcases the potential for service businesses to thrive in the digital age with the right strategy and partners.

If you’re seeking similar lead generation success for your service business, consider the lessons learned from Marshall Homes’ journey. The combination of PPC, SEO, location targeting, and web design could be the key to your own success story.

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