We Don’t Just Think Outside The Box,

We Work Outside The Box.

Meet The Webaholics Team

¬†We are a diverse team of designers, developers and marketers dedicated to improve online business for our clients and partners. We are also just regular people that are addicted to learning about the internet and it’s capabilities.


Addicted to Online Business Development

(801) 432-0676

Originally from Eastern Washington, Steve is the son of a 4th generation apple farmer. Having started with computers at a young age he is well versed at anything and everything digital and even started building websites for businesses in the early 2000’s.


Addicted to Web Design

(801) 896-3265

A recent graduate of the University of Utah, Chad specializes in graphic design, content management, and brand promotion for clients and Webaholics. He is an avid sports enthusiasts and participant, outdoors lover, and travels as much as possible in his spare time.


Addicted to Ecommerce Marketing

(801) 896-7728

A Utah native, Jesse is a self-made fitness guru and car enthusiast. His passion for his hobbies transfers to his work and decision making. Jesse specializes in Ecommerce Product Management and Amazon sales with a knack for marketing automotive parts.


Addicted to Ecommerce Marketing

(801) 432-0676

Originally from Oklahoma, and moved to Utah for some better scenery, James is the newest member of the Webaholics team. He enjoys family life and hitting up the gym once in awhile. He excels at uploading inventory, shipping supplies, and typing up random blogs.

La Dayna

Addicted to Online Marketing

(385) 275-5944

A Texas native living in Utah, La Dayna went to school for Communication with an emphasis on print journalism. She has a passion for networking, people, and online marketing/social media. In her spare time, La Dayna enjoys traveling, yoga, hiking, and visiting craft breweries.


Addicted to Client Relations

(801) 432-0676

Working as our client relations expert gives Kallie the opportunity to raise her children and work from home. Kallie has over 10 years experience in customer services and strives to make every client satisfied. She enjoys traveling, outdoor activities and hanging with family and friends.


Addicted to Web Development

(801) 893-1538

A graduate from Weber State University with a Bachelors of Finance, Kelly’s true passion is his love web development. After a few classes in college and a lot of online learning he started his career in web development, he is truly a Webaholic now. While not working, he likes to skateboard, snowboard, and kicking it with his homies.


Addicted to Web Design

(801) 432-0676

A co-owner of Motion State, a production company that specializes in action sports, commercials, music videos, movies and tv work. Amber has a passion for producing content and design. When she is not traveling she loves to snowboard, surf, bike, yoga and is learning jiu-jitsu.


Addicted to Web Development

(435) 398-4109

Being very technically minded, Alex enjoys and specializes in solving complex problems using various programming languages. He has been addicted to the life of software development for over 7 years. In his spare time, he likes outdoor activities, traveling, creating works of art, and even experimenting with electronic circuit designs.

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