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We are a diverse team of designers, developers, and marketers dedicated to improving online business for our clients and partners.

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webaholics team steve ceo

Steve Paganelli

Co-Founder & President, Idea Man

Originally from Eastern Washington, Steve is the son of a 4th generation apple farmer. Having started with computers at a young age he is well versed at anything and everything digital and even started building websites for businesses in the early 2000’s. His 40 yard dash time is in the lower 4 seconds, and better than Lebron’s

(801) 432-0676

webaholics team jesse ecommerce management

Jesse Dalton

Co-Founder & Director of E-Commerce, Gymaholic

A Utah native, Jesse is a self-made fitness guru and car enthusiast. His passion for his hobbies transfers to his work and decision making. Jesse specializes in e-commerce, product management, and Amazon sales with a knack for marketing automotive parts.

(801) 896-7728

Chad Marquez

Co-Founder & Director of Design, Hipster

A graduate of the University of Utah, Chad specializes in graphic design, content management, and brand promotion for clients and Webaholics. He is an avid sports enthusiasts and participant, outdoors lover, and travels as much as possible in his spare time.

(801) 896-3265

Steven Light

Web App Developer, Memeaholic

Originally from Southern California, Steve is our Web App Specialist. He enjoys family life and video games. He excels at javascript, PHP, HTML, and CSS.

(801) 432-0676

Aubree Lindsey

Sales & Customer Service

The newest addition to the sales department. Born and raised in Utah. She loves adventure whether its around Utah, outside the country, or in Tamriel specifically Skyrim. She expresses her creativity through cooking and baking.

(801) 410-0419

Luke Riggs

E-Commerce Specialist, Unfortunate Cowboys Fan

Luke is an E-Commerce specialist with knowledge in anything that has to do with Amazon. He is a native Texan, metal head, and zombie survival enthusiast.

(801) 890-3839

Caroline Philips

UI Developer, Skiaholic

Caroline is our expert UI application developer. Born and rasied in Salt Lake, she's an avid skier and a enjoys traveling to many different places around the world.

Richie Wilson

Vice President of Sales, Smileaholic

Always smiling, Richie has over 10 years experience in sales in the tech industry. Passionate about the outdoors, family, and sports. He loves spending time with his son Isaiah who is an up and coming tech guru himself! His life motto is "Be nice, try hard, and have fun!"
(801) 349-1444

Pat Seiuli

Web Dev Support Specialist, Coffeeholic

Pat is a web designer born and raised in American Samoa. He enjoys learning new software and is always on the lookout for good coffee. In his free time, he likes to read and hangs with his group of friends playing Mario Party tournaments.

(801) 890-3839

Melissa Stevens

SEO & PPC Specialist, BIkeaholic

Melissa is our SEO and PPC Specialist. Born and raised on the east coast of New Hampshire, she is an avid skier and mountain biker and loves to spend time outside.

(801) 890-3839

James Salas

E-Commerce Specialist, The Tax Man

James is an e-commerce and account expert for Webaholics. He's a car enthusiast with a passion for European and JDM models. His hobbies include billiards and road racing in HPDE events. James may be one of the kindest souls on earth, but his anger could be as powerful as a tsunami.

(801) 890-3839

Aleksandar Kukic

Logistics Assistant, Tokyo Drift Expert

Alex is a born and raised Utahn that has a passion for cars, dirt bikes, and anything that has a motor in it. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family.

(801) 410-0419

Harry Kang

Logistics Assistant, Californian

Harry is one of our logistics assistants in charge of inventory, shipments, and product condition. Originally from South Korea, Harry grew up in Southern California. His hobbies include sports such as basketball and waterpolo, and enjoys to travel and experience different cultures.

(801) 890-3839

Rylan Peterson

Sales Specialist, EDM guy

Rylan was born & raised in Utah. Being a sports enthusiast, he went to play college baseball in Las Vegas. Rylan also enjoys motorsports, snowboarding, running the table in ping pong, and listening to electronic music. With his motorsports knowledge, he is currently in charge of our motorsports sales division and e-commerce coordinator.

(801) 890-3839

webaholics amber koniniec headshot

Amber Koniniec

Creative Director

A co-owner of Motion State, a production company that specializes in action sports, commercials, music videos, movies and tv work. Amber has a passion for producing content and design. When she is not traveling she loves to snowboard, surf, bike, yoga and is learning jiu-jitsu.

(801) 890-3839


HR Director

Autumn is the newest Webaholics puppy to join the team. She has a tough and sassy attitude but is also super sweet. She loves drinking lots of water and naps.
webaholics klaus 1


Original HR Director, Direwolf

Klaus may look tough, but he is a sweetheart and greets everyone that comes into the office with a smile. He also loves cheese and will come running from the other side of the office if he hears you open it.

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