Release Agreement


  • Ownership and use of Source Code. All code written by Webaholics is theirs to hold. If the Client wishes to obtain the code, they may do so at Webaholics discretion. Upon obtaining the code, Client waives Webaholics of any liability pertaining to the functionality of the code. The Client understands that upon changing the code, Webaholics cannot guarantee that any agreed upon features or functions will work. If upon changing the code, the Client wishes for Webaholics to revert changes or further assist in the development process, work will be billed to the Client at a rate of $150.00 per hour of labor.


Clients who want access to or control of website editing tools such as WordPress must negotiate terms with Webaholics over the use of such tools.

Upon signing of this document, Webaholics agrees to deliver the WordPress Project source code to the signee excluding proprietary source code currently known as "One App"

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