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Google Apps

At Webaholics our SEO marketing team uses Google Analytics to collect real-time data about your site which we use to help you reach your online marketing goals. This combined with Gmail professional suite that includes Google Drive and Google My Business will help get your business the professional assistance it needs.

What We Offer


For $6.50/user per month get a business edition of Gmail with the Webaholics support team for help with migrations, training, and support.

Google Analytics

Webaolics uses Google analytics tools to measure website, app, digital data to gain insight into your businesses site performance.

Monthly Tracking Reports

We generate monthly tracking reports for our clients which are easy to understand so you never feel left in the dark about how your site is performing.

SMS & Email Campaigns

Take your marketing strategy to the next level with Webaholics SMS and email campaigns services.

We are Google Partners

Being a Google Partner since our founding, we have all the benefits, features, and advice from Google to make Webaholics successful.

Your business too can take advantage of our Google Partner status with discounted rates on G-Suite, updates on the most current search trends, and real-time marketing advice on AdWords and the Display Network.

Level-up your business with us, we have the badge to prove it.

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We use Google Analytics to

Analyze Performance.

  • Webaholics uses Google analytics to identify which online campaigns bring the most traffic and conversions.
  • Google analytics is the most popular analytics tool in the world.
  • Google Analytics doesn’t share personally identifiable information about our clients.
  • We can use Google analytics to quickly identify which queries people are searching for and use that information to help improve site rankings.
  • Easy to understand information for our clients.

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