Buy Sell Agreemnt - Alyssa Jorgensen

Stephen Paganelli, Alyssa Jorgensen, and Webaholics, Inc. enter into this Buy – Sale
Agreement as follows:

1. Stephen Paganelli agrees to buy and Miss. Jorgensen agrees to sell all of her shares in
Webaholics, Inc. at $200.00 a share for a total of $2,000.00 for all of her shares. The transfer of
interest from Miss. Jorgensen to Mr. Paganelli shall be shown on the books and records on
Webaholics, Inc..

2. The non-compete and confidentiality provisions stated that certain Shareholder
Agreement dated 8 April 2018 are incorporated herein and all covenant and promises stated
therein shall be extended for one year after the date of this Buy-Sale Agreement.

3. The non-compete provisions and the trade secret provisions in paragraph 8 of the
Shareholder Agreement are incorporated herein and are fully enforceable as amended by this
agreement. In addition, paragraph 10 of the Shareholder Agreement is incorporated herein by
this reference.

4. In the event of breach of this Agreement or of paragraph 8 of the incorporated
Shareholder Agreement, Webaholics, Inc. and Steve Paganelli shall be entitled to recover all
costs and attorneys fees associated with enforcing this Agreement.

Dated this 7th day of September 2021,

Webaholics, Inc.

By: Stephen Paganelli
Its: President

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