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Client Spotlight: Sarah-n-Tuned

By March 4, 2019November 18th, 2022No Comments

Let’s Talk About Cars

Being avid automobile fans at Webaholics, we were excited to design a website for Sarah-n-Tuned. Sarah shoots, edits, and markets her auto restoration Youtube videos entirely on her own. Her passion, knowledge, and wit make her videos a true pleasure for auto enthusiasts.

Sarah has grown her Youtube subscribers from 33,000 to 110,000 in one year, and we think that’s just a peek into where Sarah-n-Tuned is going.

Whether you are a hobbyist or die-hard auto junkie, Sarah’s channel is for you. We wanted her website to showcase Sarah, her personality, and her expertise, and make it the best site out of any Youtuber out there.

If you like project cars, reviews, detailing, and everything auto, you have to check out SarahnTuned.com.

A Bit of Background

Sarah has a background the internet deserves to hear. As a result, we have designed a “My Story” page to highlight her accomplishments and background. Sarah is not only an automobile enthusiast, she is also a US Air Force veteran with a background in Aerospace Mechanics and a BA in Transportation & Logistics Management.

Immersed into automobiles at a young age, Sarah is passionate about sharing her knowledge with those around her. Her main goal is to bring everyone of all backgrounds together with a shared love of automobiles. She believes that together, we can all learn from each other.

Sarah’s channel started off early with her showcasing her ability to detail cars and teach how to use different cleaning supplies to get your car to look outstanding all-year long. The channel has now pivoted to her restoring vehicles in detail as she sprinkles in her distinct and charismatic quips.

Videos, Vlogs, and More

We designed the Sarah-n-Tuned website to share a bit about Sarah and her story, to highlight her Youtube channel, and to act as a way to help her connect with businesses and Patreon sponsors.

If you haven’t watched Sarah’s videos, now is your chance.

We have designed her site with an impressive, simple, and pleasing user experience. The site effectively highlights Sarah, her personality, her projects, and her YouTube channel.

Mobile Ready

Let’s get real. Most of the time when we are watching videos, we are on our phone.

Sarah-n-Tuned is now mobile responsive and Google Certified for mobile. Easily watch her videos from the palm of your hand!

Get in Touch

If your business wants to sponsor a video with Sarah-n-Tuned, you can have your product showcased on her channel by filling out the contact form here. She also has a Patreon set up for donations from the public.

Learn More

It has been a privilege working with Sarah-n-Tuned. We see big things in her future and we’re excited to see her continue to blossom online. We are confident that we have created the ultimate user experience and successfully highlighted her portfolio.

Regardless of whether you are a Vlogger, blogger, retailer, or accountant, we can help you build your dream website. We help all businesses build a website they can showcase, no matter the product or service.

To learn more about having Webaholics build you a legendary website, shoot us and email at info@webaholics.co or give us a call at (801) 432-0676.

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