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2017: The Year of Materialistic Web Design

By January 20, 2017March 29th, 2023No Comments

Google’s Web Design Dream

As web designers, we are very excited for what lies ahead. The evolution of web design is about to change in more tangible ways than ever.

This is especially the case for the masterminds at Google, who are wanting to take a big step towards realizing their vision for the web.

Their vision, of course, is to develop consistency across their many platforms and the web itself through their Material Design Process.

The Webaholics Team is looking forward to learning more about Google’s new secrets with this web design tactic and will be using it more often in the new websites we will design over the course of 2017.

So, what is Materialistic Web Design?

Materialistic Web Design

Imagine the screen you’re looking at is realistic, 3-dimensional, and tangible. When boxes are moving and have shadows on the page, it feels more interactive.

The graphics are bold and give the purpose of centering the focus for the user. Reality is suddenly on the web page because of these materialistic elements.

How to Use Materialistic Web Design

materialDetails are what make materialistic web design seem simple, but the strategy can be complex.

Consider how images and boxes interact with the white space. It is common knowledge to keep white space in mind, but materialistic web design focuses on the attention to the objects.

Instead of changing environments, the whole experience stays in the same place. Transitions from one material to the next will keep the flow of attention at bay.

There are key lights and ambient lights. These are used in combination or by themselves. It is the context of the content that determines what type of light should be used.

Take a look at how we used key light on this example:

workaholics boardwalk property management

Webaholics Examples

There are ways to bring objects to life by giving them dimension to the eye. Here is an example that New Star uses on their website, with the object given a key light at a head on angle.

On most of New Star’s pages, each object has a way to interact with just hovering over it with a cursor. There is a lot of excitement with the level of professionalism this type of design brings.

Learn More Today!

If you want to learn more about evolving your website with this new method of design, shoot us an email at

For more information on Materialistic Web Design, go to to learn more.

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