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Client Spotlight: Mountain West Commercial Real Estate

By October 25, 2021October 29th, 2021No Comments

What is Mountain West?

Mountain West Commercial Real Estate was founded in 2009 by a group of regionally dominant brokers. This unique group of talent had one simple goal, to not focus on being the biggest, but to focus on being the best. Today they are uniquely adapted and fiercely dedicated to providing superior service to their clients throughout the country.

The Design

While designing their website, Webaholics focused on upholding their standards of being the best by providing Mountain West with a clean, professional-looking website that is also functional on multiple surfaces.

You can view the latest version of Mountain West’s website by clicking here.

Project Features

Property Search

Taking inspiration from the largest real estate platforms on the web today, we rebuilt Mountain West’s property search tool from scratch in order to improve usability for its users, and to show organically on search results.

Custom Property Pages

Also taking inspiration from successful commercial real estate platforms, we rebuilt all property landing pages for Mountain West to utilize conversion rates by bringing in more organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

Custom Design

Knowing the new website needed an improved direction, we took consistent elements and theming from Mountain West’s brand and incorporated it on all pages from the website – with some elements highlighting the company’s roots and history.

Elevating Mountain West

By providing Mountain West Commercial Real Estate with a clean and professional website, we hope to help them uphold their mission statement of being the best in real estate.

This updated and functional website will help them continue to provide superior service to their clients across the country.

If your business or e-commerce company is in need of an upgrade, consider the Webaholics team to help take your website and your business to the next level.

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