Getting to Know Webaholics

Webaholics is made up of a team. Like any team, it’s the players that make it unique, and in our case, makes us winners. Here is Getting to Know Webaholics, the people behind the genius creations.

This week up on the blog is Ron Gutierrez. Ron is our doer of all things. Maybe he has a title, but he does more than any title could cover.

I asked Ron a few questions to help you get to know him. His answers… Well, they are very Ron. Enjoy!

About Ron

First, I asked Ron to tell us a little about himself. His response,

“I’m pretty boring, like vanilla boring, and I don’t mind at all, I avoid risky business ventures, loose women, and booze.”

So humble! Ron is one of the funniest people you will ever meet and will randomly tell you about some article he’s recently read.


What does Ron enjoy doing?

“My favorite hobby is doing nothing. I mean absolutely nothing, just sitting around like a vegetable and spacing out for hours at a time unless there is swing music on, then I’m all hips and sways.”

While I personally haven’t witnessed this swing dancing you can bet the next time I’m in charge of music the Pandora station will be swing.

Fun Facts

What’s a fun fact about you, Ron?

“I wish I could change my name from Ron Gutierrez to Ron Gutierres.”

A real man of mystery, this one.

Summer Plans

Any rad summer plans?

“Summer plans, I plan on sitting around like a vegetable when I am not working.”

Ron is also pretty health conscience. You can bet while he’s being a vegetable it will be something badass, like broccoli, kale, or bok choy, some sort of super-veggie!

Two Truths and A Lie

I asked Ron for two truths and a lie. He went a step further, in true Ron fashion. Two truths and two lies!
“2 Truths and 2 Lies, you decide which is true and which is false.  I graduated from U of U law school in 1997, I like the smell of coffee, I like the people I work with and I love the summer heat.”
What do you think the lies are?

Closing Thoughts

Seriously, Ron is awesome. He’s a great man to work with. He has an excellent sense of humor and is an irreplaceable part of Webaholics.

When you put your business into our hands it should make you feel better knowing you have someone like him handling your project. Beyond his awesome personality, Ron is an accomplished professional that will provide winning solutions to any design/marketing needs.

La Dayna
La Dayna
Texas native living in Utah, La Dayna went to school for Communication with an emphasis on print journalism. She has a passion for networking, people, and online marketing/social media. In her spare time, La Dayna enjoys traveling, yoga, hiking, and visiting craft breweries.

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  1. webaholics says:

    I’m stumped on the 2 truths and 1 lie, cause technically there are four answers and they all seem true.. truly a man of mystery.

    – Steve Paganelli

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