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Client Spotlight: Muscle MX

By October 21, 2022No Comments

CBD Products to Help Keep You Moving

No matter the age, body type, or activity level, all of us experienced brief moments or consistent periods of pain, especially the case when we age – which unfortunately can’t be avoided.

Our spotlight client, Muscle MX, wants to change the way we deal with and manage pain – by taking advantage of what nature has to offer when it comes to medicine.

This includes us assisting them in promoting the most active ingredient in their products: CBD.

Why Does Muscle MX Use CBD?

Muscle MX, like other pain relief and supplement businesses, is taking advantage of the changing perception of Cannabis and going all in on the CBD game.

CBD, which is a compound found in cannabis flower, is a safe, non-addictive substance that has a unique ability to reduce stress and pain.

Combined with other natural ingredients such as Eucalyptus, Grapeseed, and Tea Tree Oils – Muscle MX created the best products for pre/post activities and continual maintenance for pain.

Take a look at Muscle MX’s product line here.


In order for Muscle MX to get an edge on the competitive CBD and Pain-Relief market, our Utah web design team has created a modern E-Commerce site that’s focused on products, branding, and ingredient education.

Shopping: Modern E-Commerce and backend management integrated all in one platform.

User Experience: Customers can find all product information, including in-depth ingredient information, lab certificates, and testing history of all CBD-infused products.

Mobile: Even when customers are on the go, they can order all products on our efficient mobile-responsive platform.

Build a Bundle: Customers on Muscle MX can also take advantage of the custom-built Build-A-Bundle product where they can pick and choose specific products while receiving discounts.

Get the 101 on CBD with Muscle MX Academy

With CBD becoming a more widely accepted ingredient in pain-relief products. Customers have a lot of questions regarding the benefits and risks of using a CBD-infused product.

Luckily, we assisted Muscle MX in creating an education program that gives in-depth information on CBD. This includes information on the natural chemicals, legalization information in each state, research processes, benefits, and side effects.

Want to learn more about CBD? Visit Muscle MX’s Academy and CBD 101 Page.

The Ultimate Shopping and Research Tool

The Webaholics team assisted in creating a website for Muscle MX that’s more than a shopping platform, but a tool for customers and users to be engaged and learn more about a supplement that often is disregarded due to its history and associations.

But with being one of the best pain management and stress relief solutions that are 100% natural, more customers should know and take advantage of CBD’s benefits.

How Can Webaholics Help You?

Do you have a business like Muscle MX? We can help you. From retail to services, you name it, we can do it. Our team is committed to the highest quality of services to meet your business’s needs.

Want to see more of our work? Click here.

For more information, give us a call at (801) 432-0676 or shoot us an email at

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