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Webaholics Ecommerce Client Spotlight: EFMCO

By September 14, 2015March 29th, 2023No Comments

Since the founding of Webaholics, we’ve had many great clients come through our door for help with Web Design, Development and Online Marketing.

But there are always the few clients that are near and dear to our company. One of those clients, EFMCO, has been with us since the beginning.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, the Ernest F. Mariani Company is a national Beverage Equipment and Supplies distributor, who specialize in handing their customers the best parts and services for their machines around the country.

EFMCO is one of the first businesses Webaholics worked with, and we continue to partner with them to improve their visibility in a competitive online market with our Ecommerce services.

This includes the most recent project, which was redesigning their Ecommerce website. We are very happy to say the redesigning process is done and the site is now live!

The EFMCO Redesign Process

Before the redesign, there were a lot of missing features that many well-known Ecommerce sites have implemented today, including the most important element, the ability to be Mobile Responsive.

Now these days, many customers do their shopping not on computers, but on phones and tablets. EFMCO was behind the ball with this and were loosing customers due to this issue.

With the help of EFMCO’s expertise and product knowlege, the Webaholics team got to work and established the many new features on the Ecommerce site that can be seen below.

These improvements are separated into three categories: Site Improvements, Category Improvements, and Product Improvements.

Take a look at them below:

Site Improvements

  • Mobile Responsive DesignEFMCO_Mobile-Responsive
    • Shop for beverage equipment anywhere from your computer, phone, and tablet.
  • Retina Ready
    • Visually appealing for the newest devices.
  • Touch Screen Ready
    • Click or touch items on touchscreen computers, tablets and more

Category Improvements

  • Sort FeatureList-View
    • Rank beverage equipment by popularity, date manufactured, rating and price.
  • List & Grid Views
    • Shop how you want with interchangeable grid and list product views.
  • Quick View Feature
    • Learn details, ratings, price of a product by just hovering over it’s picture.

Product ImprovementsEFMCO_Favorites-Compare

  • Compare Products Tool
    • Compare any product on price, description, and availability with this pop-up feature.
  • Favorites List Feature
    • Save time shopping by saving items you buy most frequently to your favorites list.
  • Product Reviews
    • View recommendations and product reviews from other customers.
  • Hover Zoom Feature
    • See more details of a product in it’s image.


With these improvements and a visually appealing look, the new is the most modern Beverage Equipment Ecommerce site, which will have customers return time and time again for there beverage needs.

We are very happy with the continuing relationship we have with EFMCO. They are a company that embody teamwork to make sure their customers are happy.

Webaholics uses those same ideals to help improve our other clients online, and we thank them for being the great business and partner they are!

Take a look at the new EFMCO site here!

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