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Machine Learning: How it Impacts Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

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As the world of digital marketing and e-commerce grows, companies are constantly looking for new ways to improve their workflow and save time in their businesses. One of the new major additions to the digital marketing industry is the debut of artificial intelligence.

These artificial intelligence tools are helping businesses become more effective and making marketing strategies become more efficient. One of these tools that are set to change the way digital marketing companies operate, is Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are not the same things, but they do complement each other nicely. Artificial intelligence or “AI aims to focus on harnessing certain aspects of the thinking mind, while machine learning or “ML” is meant to help humans solve problems in a more efficient way. ML uses data to teach itself how to complete a process with the help of AI capabilities.

According to Vlada at OWOX BI, There are two different groups of machine learning: learning with a teacher and learning without a teacher. Learning with a teacher is when a person will supply the machine with initial data using situation-solution pairs.

Learning without a teacher is when the machine receives unsorted information, situations, without solutions and learns how to classify those situations based on similar or different signs without human guidance.

How Can Machine Learning Help With

Digital Marketing?

Machine learning can benefit businesses by helping them find hidden knowledge in available consumer data that might have otherwise been missed by a human. ML tools also have the ability to analyze large sets of data and then present them as understandable analytics that the marketing team can use to their advantage.

Machine learning is being used to help digital marketing companies understand their target audience better and is helping businesses optimize their interactions with their consumers as well.

Marketers can also use machine learning to find patterns in user activities on their websites. Doing this can help the company further predict the behavior of their consumers and enhance advertising offers to fit the user and their needs.

You will also be able to automate marketing processes, avoid routine work, and improve the quality of your data analysis all within a short time frame.

Examples of Machine Learning in

Digital Marketing/e-Commerce

Recommendation Systems

Machine learning will help predict goods that your consumer is likely to buy. This data will be used to generate email and push notifications, as well as recommend products and other similar products on your website for the customer. ML can also show ads to consumers based on certain actions they take on your website such as clicking on a certain product or adding something to their cart.

Machine Learning ChatBot

A ChatBot is a virtual robot that is able to hold a conversation with a human through either text, voice or both. A great example of an ML ChatBot would be Apple’s Siri, which is able to perform searches and answer questions.

In the world of e-commerce and digital marketing, ChatBots can help you connect with your target audience on a more personal level thanks to natural language processing.

Using this, the ChatBot is able to carry out a human conversation while being hard to detect as a robot. These ChatBots can also be helpful for digital marketing because it frees up a human being from answering chats and makes it so they are able to help elsewhere in the company.

Content Management

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, When it comes to content marketing for your business, there are three things that make your content truly effective: audience relevance, engaging and compelling storytelling, and the ability to trigger an action or response.

Machine Learning tools can be very helpful when it comes to marketing content for your business. These tools can help digital marketers understand this data better by tracking consumer trends and producing valuable insights.

ML allows you to spend more time streamlining your tasks to reach more leads with your content and spend less time researching customer habits.

Machine Learning is the Future of

Digital Marketing & e-Commerce

Machine learning is growing to become the best tool for digital marketers to use for their businesses. With machine learning integrated into your business, you’ll be able to save large amounts of time and focus your employee’s efforts on more important aspects of your business.

These machine learning tools and ChatBots are facilitating future-forward market research to take place that goes much faster than a human could ever manage, while also creating meaningful and personal connections with target consumers.

For the modern digital marketing company, machine learning is the future of optimized automation and enhanced customer service.

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