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Selling Playbook: How to Win the Amazon Buy Box

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What’s the Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is the main ad you see when purchasing an item.

It’s front-and-center, but most shoppers don’t even realize that other sellers have the same product available because the “Add to Cart” button is the prominent element on the page.

In the highlighted screenshot you will see exactly what I mean:

webaholics amazon buy box football
  1. This is the Seller who owns the Buy Box for that moment you are looking at the Ad.
  2. This is the Buy Box which makes it easiest to recognize and purchase your order.
  3. Other sellers which offer the product as well often overlooked.

The Ultimate Amazon Buy Box Playbook

Winning the Buy Box is detrimental to the success of your online Amazon sales.

You will always have competition and need to be prepared to work hard keeping yourself front and center.

Winning the Buy Box is an ongoing process where sellers earn a share of the Buy Box, or rent for a period of time.

The factors which influence how long and how often you share the Buy Box are the variables you can optimize to increase your percentage and sales.

Playbook for Amazon Buy Box Success

Everybody loves sports, but not every sport is played the same way.

The plays you choose to use against your competition will have effects on your Buy Box success.

Below are the plays which increase or decrease your Buy Box ownership, which you can leverage to maintain the Buy Box for your products.

Buy Box Plays and Scores

Plays and Scores to increase Buy Box Time

Fulfillment Method– Touchdown Pass

Landed Price – Field Goal Kick

Seller RatingField Goal Kick

Shipping Time– Field Goal Kick

Feedback Score– QB Sack

Order Defect Rate– QB Sack

Late Shipment Rate– QB Sack

On-Time Delivery– QB Sack

Customer Response Time–  QB Sack

Tracked Delivery Rate – QB Sack

Feedback Count– Pass Interception

Refund Rate –  Pass Interception

Inventory Depth– Pass Interception

Cancellation Rate–  Pass Interception

webaholics amazon buy box ref

Buy Box Playbook Directions:

  1. Combine Fulfillment method and landed price for a first quarter lead.
  2. Add Seller Rating and shipping time to keep your competition weary.
  3. Execute order defect rate, feedback score, on-time delivery, late shipment rate, tracked delivery rate, customer response time, feedback count, inventory depth, cancellation rate, and refund rate for your 4th Quarter defensive stand.
  4. Submit to Amazon’s Buy Box Algorithm.

*Note: This is just an awesome way to put in the importance of how the Amazon Algorithm works for giving you the win at the end of the day, like in football or any sport.

So in no way will your favorite team’s touchdown passes give you actual Buy Box Time – but if it did that would be spectacular!

Buy Box Fundamentals

You’ll need all of the Fundamentals below to be eligible for Amazon’s Buy Box. When playing sports, you need to have talent and fundamentals.

You can understand how to play the game, but you can’t make plays without having basic fundamentals.

Buy Box Eligibility

Amazon sellers need to maintain the bare minimum for all of the Buy Box requirements but should keep in mind how much each factor impacts the overall percentage.

Below are the bare minimum requirements for Amazon Buy Box factors:

Amazon Buy Box FactorBare Minimum Requirement
Landed PriceExisting price
Seller RatingHigher than 75%
Shipping Time14 days or less
Feedback ScoreNo minimum, Higher scores influence Buy Box more
Order Defect RateLess than 1%
Late Shipment RateLess than 4%
On-Time DeliveryMore than 97%
Customer Response TimeLess than 24 hours
Tracked Delivery RateMore than 98%
Feedback CountThe higher the better
Refund RateThe lower the better
Inventory DepthThe lower the better
Cancellation RateLess than 2.5%
ProductsMust be new

First and Goal for the Buy Box

Sometimes Sellers are focused on beating out the competition by underpricing them, but if you change your shipping method to a quicker turnaround time, you can charge more and earn Buy Box time in the process.

Variables affect the share of the Buy Box you are likely to win, and the variables which influence those factors also affect your Buy Box share.

For example, Order Defect Rate is comprised of a sellers Negative Feedback rating, Chargeback Rate, and A-to-Z Claim Rate. Most of the variables which sway Buy Box shares are aggregates of other elements or outside variables.

Consider the following factors which influence each variable, and how you can modify your share of the Buy Box by optimizing these factors which impact percentage:

Amazon Buy Box FactorWhat impacts this Buy Box variable?Buy Box Factor Time Influence
Fulfillment MethodFulfillment by Amazon, Solution Provider fulfillment, Seller Fulfillment
Landed PriceShipping price, distance, Shipping provider, Seller Margins, product price, product manufacturer
Seller RatingNumber of ratings, quality of product, FBA comminglingPrevious 365 Days
Shipping TimeSeller location, FBA, customer location, product size, perishable items
Feedback ScoreAmount of seller feedback, orders placed, customers who purchased from your store
Order Defect RateNegative Feedback rate, A-to-Z Claim Rate, Chargeback RatePrevious 90 days
Late Shipment RateFulfillment method, product shipped, customer location, Fulfillment providerPrevious 90 days
Customer Response TimeCustomer Service provider, FBAPrevious 90 days
Tracked Delivery RateCustomer Service provider, FBAPrevious 90 days
Feedback CountNumber of orders placed,Amazon shoppers, Buy Box competition, Customer Service, Review solicitation
Refund RateProduct Quality, FBA commingling, Amazon shoppersPrevious 90 days
Inventory DepthData management, Fulfillment, Manufacturer, Product Demand, Buy Box ownershipPrevious 90 days
Cancellation RateData Management, FulfillmentPrevious 90 days

Buy Box Time Out

When choosing your playmakers, you need to carefully consider the quality of your plays to win.

The more game-changing plays you make will give you a higher success rate of the overall goal of winning the Buy Box.

If you use a substitute for a different player or lose a variety of plays, you will not reach the overall goal of heading home a Buy Box champion.

Winning the Buy Box is heavily impacted by Fulfillment Method, Landed Price, Seller Rating, and Shipping time.

If you are lacking in these Buy Box influencing factors, the quality of your plays will decrease, along with the percentage of Buy Box Share.

Here is a breakdown of Buy Box factors by importance:

Amazon Buy Box FactorHow Important is it?
Fulfillment MethodVery Important
Landed PriceVery Important
Seller RatingVery Important
Shipping TimeVery Important
Feedback ScoreImportant
Order Defect RateImportant
Late Shipment RateImportant
On-Time DeliveryImportant
Customer Response TimeImportant
Tracked Delivery RateImportant
Feedback CountSomewhat Important
Inventory DepthSomewhat Important
Cancellation RateSomewhat Important

Put yourself in your fans shoes and understand what is most important to them. Consider low prices, fast shipping times, and great ratings on your team!

Always make it a priority when calling plays, but always look for a way to sneak in a Buy Box Blitz. (Cancellation Rate, Inventory Depth, Feedback count, etc.)

How Can I Increase My Share of the Buy Box?

All of the requirements which impact an Amazon seller’s share of the Buy Box should be in your strategy playbook.

Each of those variables should meet Amazon’s minimum requirements at the very least (to be eligible for the Buy Box).

In a perfect world, Buy Box competition would meet the following requirements:

Amazon Buy Box FactorOptimal Factor Status
Fulfillment MethodFBA
Landed PriceLowest Price
Seller RatingHigher than 98%
Shipping Time2 days or less
Feedback Score100%
Order Defect Rate0%
Late Shipment Rate0%
On-Time Delivery100%
Customer Response TimeLess than 12 hours
Tracked Delivery Rate100%
Feedback CountThe higher the better
Refund Rate0%
Inventory DepthThe lower the better
Cancellation Rate0%

Unless you are Amazon, you won’t always be perfect in how you execute your plays.

However, see what plays you are best at and put your time into fixing the little things that will make you a successful champion.

As I have learned in life, in any event when perplexed, confused, or seeking for the answer, ask yourself: what would Vin Diesel do?

webaholics amazon buy box vin diesel

Webaholics Can Help

If you need help selling your products Amazon, the Webaholics Team will be more than happy to lend you a hand.

With our experience, we know how to conquer the Buy Box and other features that sell on Amazon.

If you want to see how we can help your Amazon needs, give us a call at (801) 432-0676, or shoot us an email at

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