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Webaholics Client Spotlight: Legend Solar

By September 14, 2015September 29th, 2017No Comments

Legend Solar is a Utah based solar power company that reaches out to its clients in a very personable way.  Their model is based on honesty and commitment to their customers, and guarantees top-notch service in all their locations which now includes Nevada and Idaho.

There’s a lot of competition between solar panel companies, let alone Utah. This is due to costs of solar panels being at an all time low, and a company like Legend Solar knows that it is now the best time to invest in the industry.

One of the main differences between Legend and other Utah based solar companies is that they are a Full-Service Solar Industry business. Everything is taken care of by Legend Solar. You don’t even have to acquire city permits for solar panel use because they will do it for you.

Clients of Legend Solar across Utah are raving about how easy their panel projects have been. Benefits are immediate and that’s just the beginning. Over time, monthly savings add up to average a drastic cut or even non-existent electricity bills.

The Webaholics team is involved in making the image of Legend Solar as exposed and heard as possible. With the knowledge of mobile-responsive web design and solar energy, Webaholics and Legend Solar are creating an icon for the competition in the Solar Panel industry.

In order to stand out in the growing competition of Solar Power, there has to be a unique style to what they’re about and what makes them different. Webaholics is a team committed to learning as much about what Legend Solar is working on and enhancing that through our web design.

Take a look at the incredible benefits Legend Solar has to offer. Their process continues to evolve, and we’re excited to stay involved with their progress and expansion!


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