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Paid Search vs Paid Social: Which Should You Use?

By December 6, 2022No Comments

The Difference Between Paid Search and Paid Social

When considering paid search vs paid social ads, we must first define the two. Paid social media ads run on social media platforms and appear when users are scrolling through their feeds. The most common paid social platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Paid search ads are generally PPC or pay-per-click ads that display above organic search results within a search platform. The most common paid search ad platform is Google, followed by Bing.

Paid Search vs Paid Social Leads

Typically brands will start with a paid search campaign, since paid search campaigns are faster to close. User intent is high and people already want that product or service since they are searching for it specifically. Alright, then why even consider paid social? Well for one, paid social reaches new audiences. While paid search ads bring in leads that close faster, paid social may bring in leads that result in higher dollar amount deals. This is because paid social campaigns allow you to reach audiences with higher authority and possibly a higher budget.

How to Get Started

To get started with paid search campaigns, you must have a Google (or Bing) ads account set up. Search ads are great for targeting a specific product or service rather than your whole business, so you will want to focus in on one area, or create multiple ad campaigns. Make sure to consult a PPC expert, because search ads can be costly and you don’t want to end up draining your budget.
Before getting started with social media ads, remember that we are interrupting whatever that user is currently doing, so we need to send them something of value. Bringing them to a product landing page like a search ad likely won’t convert, because the odds that person has the intent to buy your product or service at that moment is low. Instead, consider providing them with a useful piece of content such as a white paper or informational slide deck, in exchange for an e-mail address.
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