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What Makes a Landing Page CONVERT

By January 16, 2017November 15th, 2022No Comments

Your website can have everything that would seemingly show great numbers- there’s plenty of traffic, the SEO is high up on the list, and it has ads that are showing interest.

But why aren’t there more sales? How do you turn browsers into customers? The answer has to do with using the right hook.

You can have a lot of fish around you, but in order to take them home for dinner, you have to C.O.N.V.E.R.T. (Credit to kissmetrics.com for the acronym).

webaholics landing page card signs

Here’s where we start:

Call to action: Utilization of white space, concise wording, and knowing the power of a button is vital. For example:

Describe how your services fulfill a need. The power of having the eye go directly to subscribing is how the results gain momentum. Show credibility to evoke excitement to inquirers!

Offer: Promotions are a classic strategy to getting what you want while giving visitors something in return.

If you’re a retailer, offer sales and discounts to introduce new customers. If you’re a service company, offer free trials or free versions of a discount. Let visitors put their feet in the water first.

Narrow Focus: Showing credibility and displaying promotions are great, but show them strategically. Be cautious of overwhelming the eye with text blocks and buttons everywhere.

Stick to a brief, concise offer and overall description of the company. Make the “button of opportunity” obvious and enticing.

VIA (Very Important Attributes): Determine two to five attributes of your company to present on the landing page. Make sure that your visitors would find these most important, and market them from their perspective.

Those attributes should show benefits, utilization, and how it resolves a problem. Take a look at New Star’s Landing Page:

webaholics client spotlight new star pro

Effective: Having a headline that gets straight to the point is key to attracting all types of browsers. Make the concept easy to understand and display in plain wording. This way there is no question on what the company is all about.

Resolution: Display the essential design elements of your landing page on the top center. Avoid scrolling when trying to see the vital parts of the website. Consider a preview of the website on a phone, tablet, or older monitor.

iphone newstar app

Tidy Visuals: The images on your landing page should compliment your call to action, not distract from it.

Use large fonts and bullet points so it is easy to scan. Consider white space when it comes to visuals, similar to this new image Webaholics created:

How can Webaholics help?

If you need help with converting your landing page, we’re the team you’re looking for!

To learn more about Landing Page tips to market your company, give us a call at (801) 432-0676 or send us an email at info@webaholics.co.

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