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Looking for More Sales? Check Your Website Speed

By October 14, 2022No Comments
We all know that when your website speed is slow, no one is going to have the patience to buy a product, submit a form, or even stay on your website.
Although you might be asking yourself, how slow is too slow? What web page speed should you aim for in order to drive conversions, and how can you improve web page speed on Shopify and WordPress?

How Fast Should A Website Load?

Websites should ideally load between 0-2 seconds. This may seem extremely fast, but e-commerce conversion rates in 2022 have an average of 3.05% at a 1-2 second load time, vs a 0.67% conversion rate at a 4 second load time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every single page of your website needs to load this fast. Focus first on your homepage, login page, and checkout page. Then move to product pages.

Should You Focus on Desktop or Mobile?

Even though user experience and load time are often better on desktop, more people in 2022 are visiting sites on mobile. However, slightly more people are still purchasing on desktop vs mobile. So in short, both are important and ideally should both have a 1-2 second load time.

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How to Improve Website Speed on Shopify and WordPress

  • Conduct a performance test – Use a tool such as Google PageSpeed Insights to determine what improvements can speed up your website.
  • Compress images – Compressing images makes sure that image assets have smaller file sizes than the original image. There are Shopify apps that do this, or you can do it manually.
  • Be aware of the apps you use – Speaking of apps, you will want to be aware of how many apps you are using and which ones are taking a heavy toll on your website speed. Apps can easily bog down your website so you’ll want to be careful.
  • If you haven’t set up your site or are considering a redesign, make sure to go with a lightweight theme. Shopify has tons of theme options, but some take much longer to load than others. The same is true with WordPress.
There are many ways to improve website speed on WordPress and Shopify, although these four are a great start.
If you’d like more insight on how you can improve your website speed to boost your conversion rate, reach out to our digital marketing experts at Webaholics.

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