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Ecommerce Trends 2022: Tips to Drive Online Sales

By September 30, 2022No Comments

So much has changed when it comes to e-commerce trends in 2022, and changes will continue depending on new technology and customer preferences. With more customers shopping online than ever, you don’t want to miss out on easy ways to ramp up your online revenue. Here are some of the biggest trends in e-commerce for 2022 and beyond.

Sell on Multiple Channels (And Keep it Organized)

The best e-commerce businesses know that more channels mean more sales opportunities. Although more channels can also mean more time jumping from platform to platform and more moving parts in your sales funnel. Some issues that arise from all these channels include: the possibility of overselling, having to create new listings for each channel, digging through customer service e-mails, and making bulk inventory changes. At Webaholics, we offer a solution to all of these issues. Oneapp, is a platform that allows you to save tons of time and keep track of all of your channels in one place.

Offer Multiple Payment Methods

Offering multiple payment options is a great way to increase conversion rate, especially on mobile. Not every customer has their credit card handy and ready to pay, so offering more streamlined payment options makes the checkout process easier. While some customers prefer traditional payment options, others favor digital wallets, crypto, Apple or Google Pay, or Buy Now, Pay Later to name a few. It is best to have a variety so that no customer is left unsatisfied.

Use Chatbots to Drive Sales

People want answers and they want them now. Chatbots such as Podium can be a great way to connect with customers and there are many options depending on your business needs. You can designate a person or team to personally respond to the chats in the box, or use a more automated version that can answer questions without the assistance of an employee. Some chatbots can even act as personal assistants and handle more complicated tasks than customer service.

Utilize a CRM System

What is a CRM system? A CRM system is a type of software that manages all of your company’s relationships and interactions with potential customers and current customers. It helps you to better understand the wants and needs of your customers and act on the data to make future business decisions. We highly recommend HubSpot since they make integrating different platforms easy compared to others. They also have a great free plan for businesses looking to try out a new system.   Here is a great article comparing the best CRM software of 2022.
There are hundreds of ways for you to improve your e-commerce business now and into the future, but at Webaholics, we feel that these four tips will make the biggest impact in 2022. With e-commerce trends always changing, it helps to have an e-commerce expert to keep your business ahead of the game. No two businesses are the same, and some businesses may benefit more from certain strategies and tools than others.
At Webaholics, we take the time to understand your business and make customized e-commerce recommendations.

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