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Client Spotlight: New Star Pro

By November 23, 2016September 29th, 2017No Comments
webaholics client spotlight new star pro

Looking to Improve Success

2016 has been a big year for many industries in the great state of Utah, especially for us at Webaholics.

This is also the case for our good friends and client at New Star, who had their most successful year to date in their industry.

New Star Pro, a certified DIRECTV dealer and installer, broke many records and achieved the status as one of the best dealers in the country – due in part to many of the great reps they’ve hired to accomplish this goal.

With 2016 coming to an end next month, how does a company like New Star Pro improve and build on their many successes? Well, hiring more quality reps is the first start to the equation.

webaholics new star pro

Since we helped New Star Solar with their website, the Pro team came to us wanting to revolutionize the way websites are designed.

The New Hiring Tool

Before New Star Pro decided to upgrade their recruitment website, most potential reps found the company through word-of-mouth.

Even though they did have a website, it wasn’t up to par with their competitors with converting applicants.

The people at New Star knew this had to change, as they wanted to show why they’re one of the best in what they do. They want people to be excited about working for the company and contributing to its success.

Since we helped New Star Solar with their website, the Pro team came to us wanting to revolutionize the way websites are designed.

We, of course, accepted the challenge.

New Star’s Website Features

Webaholics new star pro layout

Next-Gen Design: New Star Pro’s main goal was to get people excited about working for the company.

In order to create excitement, we went a whole new direction with our website design. This includes using next-generation 3D graphics, animations, and high-quality videos. Every little detail was worked on in order to stir emotion and excitement within a potential rep.

New Star wanted to blow people away, so we made sure that this happened on every page on the site.

Mobile Responsiveness: Knowing New Star’s target audience from their demographic research, we found that most reps don’t even own a computer.

Mobile responsiveness was a major factor in the design and was taken into consideration on every page.

Ready for Applicants: All of the attention to detail and call-outs were designed in a way to get interested people to apply for New Star Pro.

On each page, specific benefits or reasons to work for the company are highlighted to get applications coming in at an incredible pace.

Highlights include potential earnings, rewards including bonuses and vacations, and benefits like tuition pay and incentives for church-goers that plan to serve a mission.

The more reps New Star hire, the better chance they have to top their record-breaking year in 2016.

How Can Webaholics Help?

At Webaholics, we always want to improve and go beyond our previous work with each project we receive from clients.

We felt that we did this with New Star Pro, and ushered a new era of website design in the process.

If you are interested in our work with New Star Pro and would like to learn more, give us a call at (801) 432-0676 or shoot us an email at

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