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Client Spotlight: Paulsen Construction

By September 7, 2018No Comments

Keep on Building!

One of our latest web design projects comes from Salt Lake City locals, Paulsen Construction.

With many years in the construction business, they have created some phenomenal structures and preserve the past with quality restorations of historic landmarks.

You only need to envision it, and Paulsen Construction to build it!

History of Paulsen Construction

Paul Paulsen founded Paulsen Construction in 1925. He was a former fisherman from Norway who moved to America for better opportunities to start and own a business.

Paul Paulsen had the vision to create a company that would share his same values and a culture of collaboration—to be the preferred builder and trusted partner in every market they serve.

Today, the Paulsen family still owns Paulsen Construction, making it one of the only Utah construction companies in its 4th generation. 

Modernizing Paulsen Construction

Before Paulsen Construction came to us, the website wasn’t very mobile-responsive.

The site was running slow and their graphics were not immediately striking visually.  Their website lacked a few features that help showcase their amazing craftsmanship.

We had to make their website run much faster and upgrade its mobile-responsiveness so that people could see their website from any type of device.

By the end of the web design process, we were able to show pictures of their extraordinary work to help prospective clients visualize Paulsen Construction craftmanship.

You can check out the latest features of the site and more below!

Paulsen Construction Portfolio

Paulsen Construction has specialized in historical restoration, as well as in high-end residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, and more.

These new buildings and restorations include Spring City Old School, Walker Center Fire Escape, Salt Lake Arts Academy, and University of Utah Fletcher building. 

You can check the rest of their portfolio on their site!

New Site Features

Mobile Responsiveness: Like all of our websites, we built Paulsen’s site to work on all smartphones, tablets, and computer screens.

Quality Graphics: Since they are a top construction company, we wanted to show off their amazing work.

Easy User Interface: Paulsen Construction attracts their customers through aesthetics. We made it easier for prospective clients to visualize their incredible work.

Simple Information: With quick specs and the ability to easily view and digest more technical information, Paulsen’s site is built with prospective customers in mind.

Quality Websites with Webaholics

We here at Webaholics are grateful for the exciting work we have been able to do with Paulsen Construction.

We helped redesign Paulsen Construction’s site to provide a better user experience, improve mobile responsiveness, and show off their impressive portfolio of work.   

Does your site need a redesign? Do you need help improving your portfolio’s look? Let Webaholics help you!  Give us a call at (801) 432-0676 or shoot us an email at to learn more.

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