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Wahluke Kitchen & Lounge

By January 3, 2018No Comments
Webaholics Client Spotlight Wahluke Kitchen

In our client spotlight, this week is Wahluke Kitchen & Lounge!

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in the Yakima, WA area, have we got a recommendation for you. This restaurant is an exclusive dining experience you won’t soon forget!


The name Wahluke comes from Native American and means “watering place.” This is a very fitting description as it’s near the Yakima River, which provides the region with fertile soil and optimal crop growing conditions. The building that is the current home of the restaurant has been through many transformations over the years, the most recent being a motorcycle bar. It was while riding his motorcycle on Wahluke Slope that owner Graham Snyder felt inspired to create it.

The region is known for its many agricultural resources, including its top-notch wine grapes. It makes good use of locally grown produce, so the food you are served is at the peak of freshness.

The Restaurant

When it comes down to it, Wahluke is all about feelings. The restaurant is set up to enhance the whole dining experience. The horseshoe-shaped table seats up to fourteen people and faces the kitchen where your dinner is prepared.

At the restaurant, it’s not just about the taste of the food, it is also about watching your food as it is being prepared, feeling some of the residual heat from the kitchen as your meal is cooked, smelling the aromas wafting as your food is sautéd, stewed, steamed, and seared.

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Wahluke Building is also home to The Lounge at Wahluke. Walk-ins and reservations are both welcome. In addition to a variety of beverages, The Lounge also offers delicious refreshments prepared in the Wahluke kitchen.

We here at Webaholics feel especially linked to Restaurant Wahluke because their chef Cameron Slaugh is a native of Utah, which is also home our home.

Learn More

Whether you are a Washington local, are visiting from another state, or from another country, we highly recommend you include a trip to Restaurant Wahluke and/or The Lounge if you’re in the Yakima area.

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