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Client Spotlight: Maverick Trading

By March 8, 2019No Comments

The spotlight is focused on Maverick Trading and Maverick FX as we continue our journey as a top web design, development, and digital marketing firm in Utah. 

Maverick Trading and Maverick FX are sister companies that specialize in trading stock options and Forex, respectively. Both these proprietary trading firms hire and train traders to use their capital and increase their profits. They are two of the best and most experienced prop trading firms in the world. 

We have re-created their two websites and optimized their SEO, resulting in spectacular sites to showcase. Let’s take a look!


In just six months, we improved Maverick Trading’s average keyword ranking by 100%. We also jumped their ranking for the crucial term “prop trading” from 79 to 6 in that span, and raised many of their “money” keywords to the front page.

Our Salt Lake City SEO team’s efforts turned 4 organic conversions in our first month together (October) into 62 organic conversions in February for an increase of 1550%!

We also revamped their content strategy by introducing long-form articles and transcripted webinars and podcasts.

They are now dominating their competition in visibility and keyword rankings, and we’re prepared to move into a new stage of growth by introducing an on-site job board.

The User Experience

The elegance and design of a website is a top contributor to the overall user experience.

With crisp graphics and an interactive display, our Salt Lake City web design team overhauled the overall look and feel of the website. Users are now able to more easily identify the trading process and where to start.

In addition, we have improved the company’s social proofs to highlight the website’s credibility. We have also captured the trust of users and future traders.

Let’s Start Trading

We have designed simple and elegant landing pages and forms. As a result, the conversion process is seamless.

The first step to start trading today is to fill out a simple personal information form. Super easy, am I right?!

If you have ever wanted to day trade, now is your chance. Maverick Trading and Maverick FX is a great start to increase your income. You can contact Maverick Trading by clicking here. If you would like to start with forex trading, click here. Hurry, your journey awaits!

How Can Webaholics Help You?

Whether you are looking to improve your website or digital marketing efforts, we are here to help! We are a five-star rated company on Google because we provide superior results and outstanding customer service. Want to check out more of our projects? Click here. 

For more information, give us a call at (801) 432-0676 or shoot us an email at info@webaholics.co.

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