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Tactical Eyegear for the Discerning Sportsman

Arclite provides top notch eyegear that can be counted on to withstand the most grueling punishment. While their main focus is safety, they also have a keen eye for style.  You can learn more about eyegear safety standards in their article, “The Basics Of Impact Performance.

Craftsmanship Combined with Innovation

Arclite has been creating eyegear for decades. Their innovation is based on the know-how that can only be gained by extensive experience. With 4 patents under their belt and more pending, you can count on Arclite to lead the pack when it comes to tactical eyegear.

Arclite works closely with their customers to create products, because it isn’t only about safety. Comfort, style and visibility matter too. They even offer eyegear that can be combined with prescription lenses. With the wide variety of options available, customers can find eyegear that works for them.

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Our Salt Lake City web design team has created an impressive website with eye catching visuals and superb design for a great online shopping experience.

Shopping: Modern E-Commerce Shop integrated and managed on site

User Experience: Customers can find all the information they need with ease, so they can make educated decisions before buying, creating a seamless shopping experience.

Mobile: Arclite’s customers don’t need to slow down while looking for gear. Mobile responsiveness opens a world of possibilities.

Motorsport, Biking and Military

Arclite’s eyegear technology is so good that it can be used by soldiers on the field. They meet stringent safety standards head on, because when it comes to extreme sports or missions you need the best gear to get the job done. At Webaholics we’ve been honored to create a website for such an amazing company.

Curious? Maybe you need some new eyegear? Then I highly recommend visiting Arclite. You won’t be disappointed.

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