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Why The Font You Choose Is Important

By June 11, 2018No Comments
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The right font can have a major positive impact on the message you are trying to send to your customers; while the wrong font can completely turn customers off.

If your logo incorporates the name of your business, you’ll want to pay specific attention to the font that you use, as it will become part of your branding.

A good example of this is the whimsical font that is used by Disney. It is easily identifiable and quickly leads to thoughts of magic and fun.

Different fonts communicate different messages

Font designs often possess the very characteristics and qualities that a company wishes to convey.

Companies that work in creative fields, like interior design, would want a unique, artsy font. While companies that work in a more serious field, like accounting, would want a font that conveys a feeling of no-nonsense functionality.

Consider for example a font like Horizon. With its sharp angles and futuristic feel, it is perfect for logos wishing to convey a message of progressive thinking and sci-fi type technology. It has most recently been used in the advertising material for Star Trek.

Now think about Helvetica, an extremely popular font that is used by lots of companies, from American Airlines to Xerox. It is very readable, while having some unique characteristics that make it feel familiar yet unique.

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Fonts help customers determine the level of service you provide 

The fonts you choose to use on your website are a tiny detail that makes a big difference. They set a tone and help customers determine a professional site from an amateur one.

It is not necessary to use the same font on your whole website, however, there is a right and wrong way to mix fonts. Done correctly, font choice will help certain items on your site stand out. Done incorrectly, and it will make your site look sloppy and unprofessional.

The right font can keep readers on your site for longer 

In addition to making your site look more professional, the right font can also help keep your readers and customers engaged with your site and the products you offer.

This is especially true if your site relies on advertising for income. The longer a reader stays on your site and the more pages within your site that the reader clicks on, the more income it will generate from your advertisers.

Making sure your content is easy to read will also help keep your readers engaged.

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What message do you want your font to convey about your business? Let the design and marketing experts at Webaholics help bring your site to the next level.

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