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Online Merchandising Sales Continue to Grow on Amazon

By May 6, 2016September 29th, 2017No Comments
When the Webaholics team started consulting and managing Amazon accounts for clients, we had the vision that if they sold competitive priced items that were desired by enough customers online, they could make extra income selling with low start-up costs, low-to-no overhead, and be as busy or as slow as they desired to be.
It took a year-and-half to get our clients to the sales figures we have now, and they continue to climb every month with new sales successes and more popular products to add.
We also continue to send more of our products to Amazon FBA Centers for Fulfillment which we have found to be a time saver and the best approach for saving money on shipping fees and paid employees.
If you have a want to sell online, or dream of running your own business, then look into starting an Amazon Sellers account and have someone experienced like Webaholics make recommendations or manage your online merchandising sales account for fast results.
amazon sales increase

More information on sales results from one of our clients in April.

amazon april sales
Above are screenshots of sales numbers for one of our clients, and they are headed in the right direction. CO2 Regulator sales in helping out quite a bit to drive the number upward as well.
They also have a 4.9 star rating out of 5 which also helps their selling metric out. Thanks to everyone for continuing sales growth on Amazon. Next month lets go after 70k plus!
If you would like to learn more about selling merchandising sales on Amazon, give us a call at (801) 432-0676 or shoot us an email at info@webaholics.co.

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