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Google Analytics Spam and How to Fix It

By December 11, 2015September 29th, 2017No Comments

Has your Google Analytics reports become victim to High Traffic spikes due to Ghost Spam or Referral Spam? If so here is a quick fix to remove that spam from your current reports without having to create new Analytics Property’s/Views and starting fresh.

First off, how do I know if I have this problem? Well it will be quite obvious if you look consistently at your reports, and start to notice referring sites popping up with random or spammy looking domain names like ““.

If this is the case, lets confirm whether or not these visits are legit while filtering spam at the same time using Advanced Segements. Simply click Add Segment in the top of the Analytics shortcut bar (shown below) then create a filter for sessions that include only your Hostname (or Domain Name) in our case it was our Website Domain Name


Then hit Apply and watch the magic happen. Now any sessions shown in your reports with this Segment turned on will more likely be legit traffic from visitors, instead of Ghost Spam which actually doesn’t event ever visit your site, instead it is a automated bot that has uncovered your Google Analytics Tracking ID and is sending traffic straight to your Analytics account. This is why that traffic doesn’t have a Hostname.



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