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Business Productivity Software to Save Hours Daily

By October 28, 2022No Comments

What is Productivity Software and How Does it Save Me Time?

Think of all the time you spend at work searching for information, digging through and sending e-mails, asking for clarification, and holding meetings just to explain tasks. Business productivity software allows you to do all of these things in one simple space. Many productivity programs have tools that allow you to manage projects, as well as create documents, spreadsheets, and more. Your business may be able to benefit by saving time and money, whether you have a hundred employees, or just one.

Best Applications for Project Management

Our personal favorite project management software here at Webaholics is ClickUp. ClickUp allows you to plan, manage, and track all types of work with ease and has a time-tracking feature as well. Separate out different departments or areas of work into “spaces”, to stay organized at all times.

An alternative to ClickUp is offers a broader range of services, such as CRM services and inventory tracking as well as project management. They also can customize your plan according to use cases such as enterprise, nonprofit and small business.

Best Free Productivity Tools

When it comes to business productivity software, keep in mind that what you pay for is often what you get. Through our research, we have found that most free productivity software is geared toward individuals. As you scale up your business, productivity software becomes more important, and oftentimes more expensive. Here are a few of our favorite free productivity tools for you to test out.

Notion allows you to create collaborative project boards, track goals, create lists, set reminders, store bookmarks, and more. The big draw to this platform is that learning how to use Notion for productivity is relatively easy, given the intuitive design and layout. ClickUp has a free version as well if you are looking to test out a platform yourself before using it within a team or business.

nTask is a business productivity software that is actually geared towards teams rather than individuals. Track your time, stay on top of meetings, assign tasks, create projects, and more for free.

So, are you ready to save hours each day by streamlining repetitive and task-related communication?

Save your brain power and your time by focusing your energy on what really matters to drive your business forward. We don’t sell productivity tools at Webaholics, but we do use them.

If you want to save even MORE time and energy, find out how we can help manage your digital marketing, streamline your e-commerce business, redesign your website, and more.

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